In June 2021, $15,000 was awarded to 26 female students from 3 Orillia Secondary schools and the Learning Centre. The deserving students met the CFUW Orillia criteria of Academic Ability, Integrity, Love of Learning, Leadership, and School and Community Involvement. We wish these amazing young women every success in the future.

Scholarship Applicants

Details may be obtained from the applications provided below. Students may apply from the three Orillia High Schools namely Orillia Secondary School, Patrick Fogarty Catholic High School, and Twin Lakes Secondary School. Applications are also accepted from Students studying at the Orillia Learning Centres, or Mature Students planning to enter a College or University in the fall.

Please note that there are three different sets of forms. The first one is for Regular Students presently attending high school. The second is for Students attending the Learning Centres and the third for Mature Students not in school at the moment.

If there are any questions regarding the applications, please send your inquiries to with “Question” in the subject box.

Click on the appropriate button below to access
the 2022 Application Form.
Application due date is Thursday April 14, 2022.

For 2021-2022 we are offering a Scholarship Award based upon a Special Request from a local educational institution.​

Scholarship Awards - Special Requests

CFUW is proud to offer the Special Requests Award. The total amount of the scholarship awarded will be $2000 annually. This amount can be divided between more than one individual or group.

When applying for a special request scholarship your submission should meet the following criteria.

1) The request must come from an Educational Institute within Orillia or surrounding area* for a female student or group of students (at least one half female) who has already been vetted by said institution.

2) Give an overview of the project for which you are requesting funds.

3) Clearly state the amount of the scholarship requested and how the money will be utilized.

4) Give an overview of what skills are expected to be gained from the experience that will benefit future schooling and/or employment.

5) On completion of the program, please provide a brief report. Should the purpose of the award be cancelled, the funds should be returned to CFUW Orillia.

6) If the Special Request Scholarship is to be considered for more than one fiscal year (Sept 1-Aug 31) it is necessary to apply each year.

Each submission will be reviewed and assessed by a committee and a scholarship will be awarded if said committee agrees that all criteria have been met and the funds are available. The decision of the committee is final.

The students benefiting from the award may be requested to speak to CFUW Orillia members about their experience.

*The geographic area would be Ramara Township, Chippewas of Rama First Nation, City of Orillia, Severn Township, and a portion of Oro-Medonte from Oro Station north, and west to Coldwater.