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Many of us are not absolutely certain, as we navigate the intricacies of buying insurance, that we truly have what we need and often only find out when something happens. And what about concussions? And sleep? These topics may seem unrelated but this month’s CFUW Orillia guest speaker, Sue Cook, will explain how they are all topics of importance. At the monthly meeting on October 26, Sue will discuss the assessment and treatment of concussions in relation to women, obtaining the proper insurance, and strategies for sleep.

Sue is an Occupational Therapist, graduating from U of T in 1989. She has an impressive background and extensive experience in assessing function for individuals with physical, cognitive, and mental health issues.

Sue originally worked at Waypoint as part of a team that completed assessments for the court to determine fitness to stand trial and criminal responsibility. After having managed the Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Vocational departments, she left in 2000 to start her own practice, Abilities. It has grown to include over 45 multidisciplinary therapists across Ontario and was recognized last year as the Ontario Rehabilitation Company of the Year by the Ontario Brain Injury Association and PIA Law. She currently works with Veteran’s Affairs Canada, the Department of National Defence, and victims of motor vehicle accidents. She also belongs to several associations related to her field, finds time for leisure activities relating to the theatre, and enjoys spending time with her husband. She also belongs to Rotary where she became the first female District Governor to hold the position in her district! For further information please refer to her website:

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Unknown member
Mar 12, 2022

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