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Climate change education and highlights from her recent national study

Climate change and its already obvious consequences are a major topic of concern for many in today’s society. Dr. Ellen Field, an Assistant Professor at Lakehead University where she teaches Environmental Education and Climate Change Education, will be the featured speaker at the CFUW Orillia virtual meeting on Tuesday, January 26. She will address the members on the topic of climate change education in Canada and provide highlights from her recent national study where she has done extensive research on policy and practice of climate change education in the Canadian K-12 System.

Dr. Field, has an extensive and impressive academic resume with degrees in English, Education and Environmental Studies from institutions in Canada and Australia. Her SSHRC- funded post doctorate was a national review of climate change education curricula and an investigation of climate change education practice through a comprehensive survey of Canadian teachers and students, parents, and members of the general public about their perspectives on climate change education and schooling. She focused on understanding how youth engage in environmental peer-to-peer learning within social media sites and through “connected learning”. Her work continues through engagement with Ministries and school boards in several provinces.

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